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Plenty of property owners are unaware of the significance of roofing gutter systems. Downspouts and gutters are important elements in rainwater collection and redirection away from your home’s foundation. Your home’s siding, landscaping, foundation, and other areas can be damaged severely if your gutters are clogged or missing. Below we define the four main reasons behind the gutter system installed in your home.

1. Erosion Prevention
When a home is built to code, it is built on a slight slope so that water runoff will be directed away from the home’s foundation. When rainwater is left to flow directly off your roof without gutters, it may cause considerable erosion, rinsing earth away every time it rains. Through the years, the intentionally sloped landscaping will erode, causing water to runoff towards your home rather than away from it.

A house built to code is on a slight slope to direct runoff water away from the foundation. If rainwater flows off your roof without gutters, the water can cause massive Erosion, washing away soil each time it rains. Over time, your carefully sloped landscape will wear down, allowing runoff water to flow toward your house instead of away from it.

2. Garden Bed Protection
Investment in an efficient gutter system is a must if you enjoy the look of shrubs, bushes, and flowers planted around your home. Although flower gardens are aesthetically pleasing, soil erosion will quickly wash away your beautiful flower beds unless there are gutters to protect them.

3. Siding Protection
In the absence of gutters, dirt, leaves, and granules from asphalt shingles may be carried down your siding by rainwater, causing stains and aesthetic damage. In this case, your home’s curb appeal will take a major hit as its appearance is marred. In the long run, the rainwater running down your siding can cause it to rot, specifically in the case of wood siding. Not only is rotten siding unattractive, but it may also be a destructive threat to your home and its contents.

4. Basement Flood Prevention
When soil becomes saturated with water, its weight increases significantly. As rainwater runs off your roofing, it puddles around your house which puts excessive pressure on your home’s foundation. Over time, this effect can even cause your basement walls to push inward or crack. Water can trickle into your basement through even minor foundation cracks, causing basement flooding. The additional moisture may also be a health hazard as it can trigger the growth of mold.

Home Protection via New Gutters!

As outlined above, the absence of gutters can have detrimental effects on your home in a variety of ways. Amsterdam Contractor is your trusted local roofing company if you’re thinking about installing new gutters in your home. We offer professional roof replacement as well as gutter installation and maintenance. As leading roofing contractors Northbrook, we also install Gutter Helmet protection to prevent clogging and maintain your gutters in tiptop shape forever. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free inspection.

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