You can be certain a roof repair is in your future whenever you experience roofing issues. If homeowners neglect their roof, they are likely to have a slew of roof problems and a local roofing company will need to be hired to fix all of the identified issues.  As you do not see your roof every day, you likely do not think about it much either.  For this reason, having a local roofing company monitor your roof is the best way to protect and maintain it.  The best way to identify existing or potential roofing issues is by climbing up on your roof and literally performing a visual inspection.  However, you may suspect there is an issue due to a leak, cracked, missing, or curled shingles, or flapping shingles.  If this is the case, it is possible you have some major (and expensive) repairs on the horizon or even a total roof removal and roof replacement. Our crew at Amsterdam Enterprises has put together some guidelines to familiarize homeowners with the ten roofing problems they are most likely to run into in their residential roofing system.

10 Common Roofing Problems and the Solutions for Them

Drooping Tree Limbs
Although trees are an excellent player in your home’s landscape game, they can be problematic.  Any trees that are too near your house may pose a major issue for your roofing.  When trees’ limbs hang too low, they may scrape at your shingles, wearing them away until leaks are sprung.  Additionally, trees provide no self-cleanup so debris and leaves can build up on top of the roof as well as inside your gutters, triggering puddling and draining that goes right over the gutters’ sides instead of following the path it is meant to take.
During a storm, it is possible that winds or other forces of nature cause a tree branch to disconnect and fall straight on to your roof which could cause major structural damage in the long-term.
If you experience a storm that can dislodge a tree branch, it falls directly onto the roof, creating long-term damage to the structure.  Vermin and animals can easily gain access to your roof by way of trees and are likely to burrow into your roof to make their home there or to steal some of your roofing materials to be utilized in their nests.  Both of these situations may be detrimental to your roofing system. Before you begin plans for tree management, speak to a professional and develop an action plan.  Regularly performed roofing system inspections can help to protect your roof as the elements take their toll.

Gutters that are About to Collapse
Eavestroughs are meant to drain water as it freely flows to your gutters from your shingles and eventually through your downspouts to the ground. Blockage at any time or ice dams in winter are a major threat to your eavestroughs. The ice dam’s additional weight can separate the eavestrough from your fascia leaving a huge hole where water can leak.
Water will not drain properly from gutters on residential and commercial roofing if they are full of sediment and water will be forced over the sides if the buildup accumulates. Meshing or gutter guards are ideal solutions for this issue but these must be cleaned regularly in order to be efficient. By keeping a relationship with a proper roofing company that specializes in eavestrough cleaning can contribute to the protection of your home and roofing system over time.

Roof Leaks
Checking your attic routinely for roof-leak indicating discoloration – the most common identifier when it is raining are drips.  However, we cannot simply hang out in the attic every time it rains. Stains on the ceiling in a home’s upper floors are other signs of leaks. You should also check for problems outside. If there are leak issues, you will likely observe them  at the roof’s edge, right under the roofline; if you notice color changes or it simply does not look right, you likely have an issue.

Another water leak source is found in vents and skylights. You will realize it immediately if your skylight begins to leak.  If you have vent issues, you will have a major catastrophe on your hands by the time you realize it.  You can add caulk to the leaky areas as a short term fix but it is important to hire a professional roofing company to execute a permanent solution before damages worsen.  If you are not actually a professional roofer, do not pretend to be one.  Contract an experienced expert in residential roofing who has both the tools and the knowledge to take care of your roof repair.

Unsuitable DIY Roof Projects
As you compare the cons and pros of professional versus DIY roof repair, keep in mind that DIY solutions rarely cause more good than harm.  Injury is likely if you do not have proper safety training and fall, as happens with thousands of people trying to DIY solutions to roofing problems each year.
When you hire a licensed, qualified roofing contractor to evaluate your problems, they can recommend an action plan.  A professional roofing contractor’s professional insight and experience allow for the issue to be properly identified and its solution to be pinpointed in order to completely remedy your roofing situation.  Hiring a professional saves you money in the long term as they address and solve any issue correctly thanks to their expertise.

Failing Flashing
If your roofing includes satellite dishes, chimneys, skylights, or vents, they must be enclosed with flashing.  Flashing refers to a metal strip that surrounds such inserts, ensuring water does not leak in.  As time passes, flashing will begin to degrade and water will be allowed into your structure.  Additionally, flashing is used at the seams, joints, and edge of your roof as well as for closing gaps created by roof valleys.
As your roofing system’s unsung hero, flashing requires maintenance that includes frequent inspections in order to protect your home. Inadequate installation, exposure, and age are all major factors that may negatively affect your home’s flashing.  You should call a professional roofer as soon as you notice your degraded flashing or you may be facing a roof replacement.

Inadequate Ventilation
Although it may sound odd, roofs need to breathe, and for this reason attics are installed to maintain an attic cool and dry.  If you have non-existent or poor ventilation, Your attic will likely be sauna-like in summer months and frost covered in winter months. Moist damp air can make your decking and trusses spongy, causing sagging in your roof as time passes.  After wood rot takes hole, the only way to repair the problem is complete removal of the roof, including the trusses.  Mold is another issue to take into consideration as it may trigger respiratory issues if inhaled constantly.  If the environment is right (and moist), mold will thrive and spread.  Poor ventilation will trigger several major issues for your monthly budget and HVAC system.  In summer, your AC unit will have to work harder where its heating component will contribute to your already overheated attic environment.  Install gable, roof edge, and ridge vents to maintain your attic dry and cool all year long.

Gaps in Roof
All major roofing issues get started as minor problems that grow into nightmares.  Any time your roofing system is damaged and the membrane is ripped or any open holes are left between roofing sections, decay will grow exponentially. As a roof’s largest enemy, water can cause many problems once inside your home – specifically mold issues that can threaten both your well-being and your health.
If it’s been awhile since your last roof inspection, contact an expert to pinpoint your commercial or residential roofing issues and any possible solutions. A qualified roofing company possesses the proper equipment for detecting roofing issues such as gaps or holes that are invisible to the naked eye. Experts such as these will notice these issues when they are still minor.  Through drone technology, roofing issues can be discovered in early stages, avoiding major problems.

Wear and Tear
Obviously, everyone wants a roof that lasts forever.  However, this is rarely possible.  Shingles have a life expectancy and once that is completed, replacement will be necessary.  Of course, sticking to your maintenance schedule and replacing damaged singles will help but eventually, roof replacement will become cost-efficient.  Time always wins and nature and elements can be destructive if ignored.
A roof replacement after 20 years ago means materials and technology will be significantly advanced and you may not be obliged to change your roof prior to putting your home on the market.  Utilize new materials with excellent fire and weather ratings like class 4 weather and class A fire) in order to protect your home from the usual hazards and risks faced by a roofing system.

Sloppy Repairs and Improper Installation
We must be honest, everyone claiming to be a professional roofer is not necessarily a professional roofer. Issues may be directly in front of a homeowner but may not be obvious to them.  Trust is a major element of any roofing job and homeowners assume their roofing contractor fully comprehends a roofing system and all of its components. Inadequate roof repair will certainly lead to future roofing issues.0
Among the largest issues with improper roof installation is its potential to void the warranty for these products if manufacturer’s guidelines are not followed. Perhaps you assume the warranty will pay for $10,000 in roof repair then discover that your roofing contractor was not knowledgeable and experienced enough, voiding your warranty during the process.  Complicated legal proceedings will likely follow so be sure to investigate your contractor completely prior to signing with them.

Absence of Routine Maintenance
You ensure routine maintenance of your vehicle.  Why not do the same for your roof? As mentioned previously, roofs are out of sight and often out of mind when it comes to home components.  However, it certainly requires regular attention.  The issues described in this article only worsen in the absence of a regular roofing maintenance schedule designed to support the roofing system as a whole.
It is wise to develop a close relationship with a roofing contractor in order to develop a regular schedule in order to prevent major issues and fix minor ones immediately.  Routine roof inspection costs are almost nothing compared to those of roof replacement or roof repair and this money is well invested.

Contract our Roofing Services for all of Your Roofing Issues
Here at Amsterdam Enterprises, we will assist homeowners with their roofing system maintenance by way of proactive action in order to pinpoint issues and provide solutions. Prior to engaging in repairs, we will give you digital evidence of your issues as well as proper solutions based on our multiple years of roofing industry experience and knowledge.  After a repair has been completed, we provide a warranty for both the product utilized and the workmanship.
To receive a list of our complete services, check out our website’s roof maintenance service page. To receive a free estimate of the necessary services to bring your roof up to snuff, complete the form, and we will respond to you in no time. If you require emergency assistance for your roofing issues, please get in touch with us at Amsterdam Enterprises for additional information.

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