Rain gutters serve a distinct purpose for your home and a proper gutter installation should be performed and placed in the right setting. It is important for you to understand what and how a gutter functions. Right before a house is completed is when the gutter should be attached  instead of afterwards in order to remove any extra moisture that has built up around the foundation after rainfalls. Gutters are installed on all sides of the house along the edge of the roof and should extend beyond the roof so it can collect leaves, rain and hail away.

Should gutters be placed all around the house?
Discussing the placement of your gutter with an experienced project manager is a vital step towards proper gutter installation. The slope of your roof should be taken into consideration since you may not need gutters installed around the entire edge of the house if your roof doesn’t slope in all directions. If the roof is already angled where water directly slopes down where the gutters are, then you will only need gutters installed at the bottom of each slope. Find out your specific options with an expert who can give you exactly what you need and within budget.

Why is gutter installation so important?
Gutters are installed to prevent water from puddling around your home and causing serious damage to your home’s foundation. Such occurrences should be handled immediately and preventative measures should be taken to avoid damage during months of rainfall or frost, in which water falls from the roof onto the foundation.

Can my home go without gutters?
Several benefits and drawbacks should be considered when opting towards a gutter installation. The type of architecture that your home is composed of should be considered in order to make an informed decision. Water is a known cause of erosion around the foundation of a home that doesn’t have gutters and water is allowed to pool around it. Be aware that carefully sloped landscapes erode over time since the soil around your home gets washed away with each rainfall.
What is the best type of rain gutter?
Are you wondering what type of rain gutters are best? The following list will help you learn more.

Vinyl gutters – Vinyl gutter installations are easy to complete and known for being rust and corrosion-roof. This makes them a top option for property owners.

Copper or steel gutters – Gutters made from copper and steel carry a higher price tag due to being much more durable than aluminum.

Aluminum Gutters – Aluminum gutters are a budget-friendly option that brings an effective solution to gutter installations.

Wood Gutters – Although modern gutter solutions are more readily available, traditional gutters are available in materials such as sequoia, fir and cedar, making wood gutters an enviable solution to be highly considered.

Is gutter installation complicated?
A professional roofing company Northbrook should handle all gutter repair and gutter installation due to the complexity that this type of job entails. Factors such as proper licensing and insurance need to be up to standard which ensures that quality work is backed up and guaranteed.

Our company has 40 years of proven experience with repairing and installing a wide variety of gutter systems. Contact us to get a personalized service that  gets you the exact gutter installation you need.

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