You See Water Damage or Leaks
One key indicator that it’s time for a new roof or roof repair is noticing leaks in your roof. It’s important to take care of these issues early before they grow into bigger problems that can be costly to your property. Contact a professional roofing contractor the first time you see problems occur. Amsterdam Enterprises is here to help you find the source of the problem and suggest the correct solution.

The Ceiling Is Sagging
Most people tend to overlook sagging in their ceiling but this can become a huge issue and an initial sign that you have a leakage happening somewhere in your structure. A good way to investigate this issue is to use your hand or another item to touch it and see if it’s soft or soggy. This tells you that there is moisture somewhere within your structure that needs to be addressed. This problem calls for a residential roofing or commercial roofing contractor to take a look at it and get to the bottom of the issue.

There Are Dark Streaks 
Moisture can be detected by the visibility of dark streaks or stains on your ceiling. You almost certainly have a leak at some area of your structure if this is the case and this can also be the case on your walls as well. You want to do a detailed check of all of your exterior surfaces to see if you are seeing these signs to get ahead of any leakage issues you may be dealing with.

You See Light Shining Through Roof Boards
If you check from the attic or another area of your house with the lights turned off, you may be able to spot light coming through your structure from the sunlight. If this is the case then you know that there could be places on your roof that are in need of repair or missing shingles both of which indicate there is a leakage nearby. Don’t waste time. Contact an experienced roofing company Glenview right away if you are noticing this issue.

It’s Over a Certain Age 
The average lifespan for a fully functional roof is about 20 years so if you home is creeping up on this number it may be time to get a replacement done. There are situation where you may not know the exact age of your roof and in this case you can observe your neighbors and when they are getting their roofs replaced to get a good indication. Usually homes within the same neighborhood has similar time frames as far as roof repairs and replacements. So if you look outside one day and see your neighbors roof getting worked on this is always a good time to contact Amsterdam Enterprises and let us take a look at yours.

You’ve Had Wildlife Damage 
Animals trying to use your home as shelter is common but as they do this can cause damage to your roof. An indication of this would be tiny holes in the roof. Getting this looked at right away is a good way to negate this issue before it becomes worse.

There Are Decaying Shingles 
Wood and asphalt materials in your roof may start to show wear and tear if they have been functioning for quite a while. Shingles will also show signs of deterioration over time. As your roof is inspected, seeing cracked, curled, or fleeting shingles will show you what is old and in need of repair. Based on the severity of this issue you can go from performing minor repair jobs to doing a full roof replacement.

It’s Missing Granules 
There are a few key things that cause shingles to lose their granules. One is the harsh weather conditions and the other is father time. The materials you use while installing your shingles matter as well because poorly installed shingles or shingles made of bad materials will need to be replaced sooner than those done by professionals with high quality resources. Granules are important to the functionality of your roof and must be taken care of to avoid doing a full scale roof replacement if they fail.

You See Missing or Broken Shingles
If your roof is missing shingles or you have damaged shingles throughout your roof then you know it’s time for a replacement. When this takes place your roof is unprotected from outside influences which can be a hazard to you and your family. Not taking care of these problems as they present themselves can cause leaks within your structure as well as other problems that can get worse over time.

You Have a Lot of Gutter Build-Up
Even if there doesn’t appear to be any cosmetic damage to your shingles, seeing build up within them can be a tell tale sign that you are in need of a replacement. Another sign would be finding fragments of shingles and other roofing materials within them. Inspecting your gutters regularly is a good way to prevent this problem from becoming a potentially dangerous one. This is another issue that causes leaks if it is not treated fast and efficiently.

You Notice Dark Streaks On Shingles 
You may mistake dark streaks on your shingles for dust but in all actuality this could very well be airborne algae. Most of the time you can get rid of this using bleach and water together but beware that this mixture could damage other portions of your property. Here at Amsterdam Enterprises, we take care of these issues for you so you don’t have to take that risk. We also take the time to point out moisture damage and recommend the correct solutions to fix your problem professionally.

There’s Visible Moss 
Bleach and water is a good options for moss that could be growing from your roof shingles as well. Moss is known for containing moisture so its good to get rid of it right away before it causes more extreme structural damage. Often times moss growing on your roof is just superficial but let an expert make this decision for you to prevent leaks. Our roofing company performs this service for you professionally to give you peace of mind.

You’ve Got Curled Shingles 
Shingles that are worn out are known to start curling at the edges. Time and harsh weather conditions could be at fault here as they tend to cause your shingles to form valleys in between their usual connection path. Consult a professional residential roofing company to see if this issue is serious enough to warrant a new roof.

It Has Sustained Wind or Hail Damage
Replace any shingles that have been knocked off of our roof due to hail or strong wind speeds. Letting this problem go unchecked can result in some very serious expenses for you and your family. Shingles are meant to protect your structure and without them functioning properly you leave it at risk for leakage.
Dents caused by hailstones are another factor that can lead to leaking on your roof. The last thing you want is for your shingles to begin to lose their granules because this can cause your structure to damage more quickly. In some cases a roof repair is enough to take care of this problem but if this damage is severe you may need to do a full roof replacement.

The Chimney Flashing Is Damaged
Flashed portions of your roof and especially the chimney can lead to bad roof health as time goes by. If the tar and roof cement present on you roof begins to show signs of flashing it is a early indicator that you have a leak somewhere that may need to be fixed or replaced. Durable materials solve this problem as they are stronger and longer lasting.

It Wasn’t Installed Well
A roof that was not installed properly will be obvious to a professional but you may not notice unless you know what to look for. Shingles set in odd formation are a tell tale sign that your roof was done by someone other than a professional roofing company. If you think that this is the case, contacting professional contractors such as our roofing experts at Amsterdam Enterprises is the correct course of action to get this problem taken care of using the best materials available and proven professional strategies that will mitigate this issue immediately.

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