Find out about the obvious indicators that you require new roofing Arlington Heights in addition to how to know when a roofing company must be called.  Similar to many people, you are likely unclear about when exactly to replace a roof.  Read below for suggestions that will assist you in assessing your roof and never have you going up a ladder – allow an expert roofing contractor to take care of that part for you.  The initial inspection is performed in a much safer way from down below, utilizing binoculars to pinpoint any issues.

This is what roofing companies tell you to keep an eye out for:
Shingles that are curling  – Rain may make its way underneath your shingles, causing water damage. When shingles become curled, they are then significantly more vulnerable to damage from wind.

Missing granules – Shingles receive protection from water and sunlight thanks to granules. The shingles are likely to deteriorate if the granules wear out. Check for granules at downspouts and in gutters. You might observe spots on your shingles that are dark indicating the absence of granules.

Downspout and gutter issues – If downspouts and gutters become clogged with roof debris, this may trigger structural damage, flooding, and leaks. Pay attention to observe if downspouts and gutters are leaking, sagging, or separating from the roof and house.

Missing or loose shingles – In this scenario, your roof is susceptible to additional leaking and damage.

Broken or cracked slates, tiles, or shingles – This cause of roof leaks is quite common, as water may seep in between cracks and puddle on your roofing, later seeping into your home, causing considerable damage.

Pitted nails –  Nails may penetrate the shingles causing tiny holes that may let water seep beneath the layer of shingles, threatening the roof’s integrity.

Ceiling stains in home interior – These may be a sign of leaks in your roof and require repair to prevent additional damage to your structure.

Black or green streaks – Algae may alter the color of your roof, making it rather unattractive in addition to causing significant roof failure or damage.

Sagging Roof – If your roof has since sagging on the roof, it tends to mean that your roof has structural damage, a support system that is failing , structural damage, or is older.

Roof age – Differing based on the quality, many shingles last between 1o and 25 years. If your home is an age similar to that of others in your neighborhood that have recently replaced roofs, the time may have come for you to replace your roof too.

Any of these signs may indicate the need for a licensed roofing contractor to perform an inspection. Do you think it may be time for a professional roof inspection? Obtain our assistance. We will inspect and assess your roof in order to provide appropriate solution options.

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